Guest Sticky – Dad Don’t Sk8

Quite awhile back, I got a submission from Dad Don’t Sk8, who runs an art blog with nothing but pencil-sketched nude that are really quite stunning. I highly suggest checking out his site, Post-It in Pencil, although it’s pretty much NSFW if your boss can’t appreciate art and the human form. Pretty cool to see some more “serious” style art on the stickynote canvas…


~ by jt_bombtrak on April 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Guest Sticky – Dad Don’t Sk8”

  1. i love these kind of photo

  2. Beautiful drawing! I’m going over to visit the blog! :)

  3. these kind of sketches always intrigue me. i’d love to see more of this guy’s work but when I google the site name “Post-it In Pencil,” I only receive hits to this post. Do you mind providing us with the url? thanks.

  4. Huh, that’s strange. I could SWEAR I put a link to it in the post, but I guess I didn’t! Well, HERE IT IS!!!

  5. thank you for taking the time to send me a message. keep up the great blogging :)

  6. Lovely. LOLCAT says: I can haz mor nudz?

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