Dollar Plotting

I’m so tired of paying bills. Can’t I just hire someone to pay them for me? I guess that would kind of defeat the purpose since I’d just be spending the money I need to pay bills with on someone to pay them for me…or something like that.



~ by jt_bombtrak on January 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dollar Plotting”

  1. jt, just go online and tell your bank to pay the bills…they’ll do it for you at no extra charge. :)

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on Obama and those false e-mails about him. We have to spread the word any way we can!

  2. I just read your e-mail about Heath Ledger. I couldn’t watch any of his movies right now…I’d just lose it! He was wonderful in “Brokeback Mountain.”

    Change of subject: The last episode of last season of “Lost” is tomorrow night and then, ta-da, Thursday night the first episode of the new season. Can’t wait!

  3. Hey, dude. Can I use this image for my facebook group? Of course I guess if I was as evil as the guy on the stickynote I’d just take it, all gangsta like.

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