Guest Sticky – Mrs. Stickynote!

As I mentioned last week, things have been really crazy around here. The main reason? Well, “future Mrs. Stickynote” has now become…MRS. STICKYNOTE!!! We tied the knot this weekend in a small, private ceremony that was just perfect. So in honor of this special occasion, here’s a special stickynote drawn by none-other than my beautiful wife!

Guest sticky - Mrs. Stickynote


~ by jt_bombtrak on November 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “Guest Sticky – Mrs. Stickynote!”

  1. Congrats on tying the knot :D! And thanks again for posting my hot dog stickies. I promise more in the future!

  2. Congrats!

  3. Thanks to both of you! Anne, I always look forward to your hot dog stickies!

  4. hey! way to go! congrats on the wedding. if your wife is half as beautiful as the stickies she draws, you are a very lucky man.

  5. Oh, that she is, believe you me! :D

  6. Congratulations, Stickynote! and Mrs. Stickynote! Sorry it took me a while to get around to visiting your site…All the best, all the happiness you guys deserve! :)

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