Guest Sticky – Maryt

Another Halloween-flavored guest submission, this time from fellow WordPress-ian, Maryt. She’s always got something going on over at her blog, whether it’s Wordless Wednesdays or Bad Art Fridays. Still waiting for one of my stickynotes to be featured on that particular day!

Thanks Maryt, and everyone else so far, for the submissions!

Guest Sticky - Maryt

(sshhh, don’t tell maryt, but I think she cheated!)


~ by jt_bombtrak on October 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “Guest Sticky – Maryt”

  1. Thanks, JT, for posting my stickynote. JT, what do you mean “I think she cheated?”

  2. Well, to my untrained eye, it appears that you drew this on something white, scanned it, then colored it “stickynote yellow.” Of course, I could be TOTALLY wrong…but…?? :P

  3. Oh JT, you are exactly right that I did recolor it sticky note yellow…because, I think, I scanned it and it didn’t come out yellow. But I’m going to scan it again and see what happens. I SWEAR TO G___ I drew on a stickynote. I’m going to send it to you again just so you can see. I thought you though I cheated because I erased a couple of times…Ha!!

  4. Ahhh! Now that’s believable, because as you can see, mine rarely come out the proper color either. No need to prove it to me though, you have been exonerated!

  5. JT, look for an e-mail with the original stickynote…LOL!

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