An Unknown Enemy of Mario (vol 2)

Poor Bob-omb. Either he’s having really hard times right now,
or has decided to join the Jihadists.
Unknown Enemy of Mario

Based on the Super Mario Bros character Bob-omb by Nintendo.

See (vol 1) here


~ by jt_bombtrak on October 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “An Unknown Enemy of Mario (vol 2)”

  1. Love the blog! Hate you for doing this idea before me. I’m hooked.

  2. Thanks, Scott! You’re the second person to hate me for getting the jump on this idea!

  3. So… how does this differ from what Bob-Omb does already?

    EDIT: Because now he’ll have a multitude of virgins waiting for him in the afterlife.

  4. you suck

    EDIT: Thanks for taking the time to point out your intellectual mediocrity.

  5. That’s . . . horrible . . . but in a great way. Horrible as in incredibly sad conceptually, but great because it’s funny, in a way that makes you think “thats not really funny”

    Great art.

    EDIT: Um….thanks? Totally what I was going for.

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