Wrapping up the week with my last spaceship drawing.  I’ve learned some things from these doodles:

  1. All spaceships fly from the right to the left

  2. I still draw at about the SAME LEVEL I did at age 14

  3. I still draw the SAME THINGS I did at age 8

Ah, well.  Kid at heart…fo’ life, ya’ll.  Or something.


BTW, next week is the return of GUEST WEEK!!!  Already have the drawings lined up for the whole week, but if you want in on the action, I can always squeeze in some extra posts or extend it into the following week!  In any case, there must be a pile of stickynote’s laying around unused somewhere for you to draw on, so snap to it!


~ by jt_bombtrak on September 14, 2007.

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