Illlustration Friday – Momentum

Ok, I’m busted. This isn’t quite drawn on a stickynote. But it is on a NOTE-book and the page could, in fact, become sticky under the right (or very, very wrong) circumstances. Ok, I just grossed myself out.

Illustration Friday - Momentum

Saw some spaceships on someone’s DeviantArt page and thought I’d draw some weird ones. Then I saw the topic for Illustration Friday this week, and decided it fit perfectly. I mean, a moving spaceship has a lot of momentum, right? I started by just drawing a random curvy line and going with it. Got some more coming…and on the proper canvas.


~ by jt_bombtrak on September 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Illlustration Friday – Momentum”

  1. Busted. x) Haven’t been to DeviantArt in a while.
    Creative drawing by the way.
    Maybe someday I’ll donate a sticknote drawing here. :)

  2. Hey, nice to see a 1upper around here. Would love to have something from ya!

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