Illustration Friday – Discovery

This is my first attempt at an Illustration Friday submission. We’ll see if I do more…

And yes, this is from last week’s suggestion…I’m just behind the times, as usual.

Illustration Friday - Discovery



~ by jt_bombtrak on July 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “Illustration Friday – Discovery”

  1. I like how you handled scale with just a portion of the hand entering the picture; really nice line work!

  2. I wonder if this is a regular hand picking small mushrooms, or a giant hand picking large mushrooms! Very well done :).

  3. Hey, welcome to IF! and glad I could make you laugh. :-)

  4. Great job on your first post! I like the teeny, tiny mushrooms. And I just love the concept and creativity of stickynote art. =)

  5. Thanks to everyone for the welcomes and comments! Stop back and submit a stickynote of your own!

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