Guest Sticky – Croney and Nooblie

Finally, the wait is over.  For those not in the loop of our happy little office clan, a quick backstory is in order.

One day, Nooblie, bored as always, meandered over to the cubes occupied by me and Croney.  She asked us to draw pictures of her to hang in her cube, which we were glad to do to pass some time.  Croney’s depiction of Noobs is much more accurate than mine physically speaking.  However, mine manages to capture the essence of Nooblie through the use of some of her favorite terms and songs.

Croney's NooblieCroney's NooblieCroney's Noobs

Croney’s Version

My Noobs

My Version

Since then, Nooblie herself has been inspired to provide a visual representation of some of her favorite things.


First the Chocolate Star, now this…dare I ask what’s next?


~ by jt_bombtrak on June 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Guest Sticky – Croney and Nooblie”

  1. WOOT! Great success! Too bad Croney makes me look like a Chinese midget… :P

  2. […] we’ve previously witnessed, Nooblie has some kind of fixation of Oscar Meyer-like objects. Here we have part one of her […]

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