Misinterpretation of a Catch Phrase (vol 1, part 2)


~ by jt_bombtrak on May 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Misinterpretation of a Catch Phrase (vol 1, part 2)”

  1. disclaimer (part 2): I’m 99% sure I stole this idea from someone, I just can’t remember who. See, first I drew it, then once I saw it, I realized I had seen it somewhere before. I THOUGHT it was over at The Rut, but the comic I was thinking of involved a certain termite’s inevitible demise. Regardless, I’m not taking credit for the idea here, just the drawing.

  2. You could probably google image search “Ah, Snap!”, “Holy Cow!”, or any other catch phrase, and you’d probably get billions of other peoples renditions. It’s like this with everything in the pop culture these days. I’ll use the popular ‘300 trailer’ for example. YouTube “300” and you’ll get people rendering other movies, animes, videogames into the trailer for this movie. I found “Sandlot 300”, “Little Mermaid 300”, “Halo 300”, “Star Wars 300”, “Fullmetal Alchemist 300”, “World Of Warcraft 300”, and many, MANY others. Some good, some… not so good. If something is popular, people are going to jump on the band wagon. Most of these people didn’t give any credit to the things they stole the scenes/voicework from.

    Therefore, I don’t think “I’m not taking credit for the idea here, just the drawing” is necessary.

  3. And since I don’t know how your little ‘image filtering’ thing works, here’s the link to my stickynote. :)

  4. Perhaps not necessary….but it was bugging me that I might have seen this somewhere else. Now my conscience is clear!

    Thanks for the submission, will be posted soon. Have a backlog to get through…for once! :P

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