True story…

Ladies and Gentlemen…I’m going to have to break format for this important post! Though the picture below isn’t truly on a stickynote, it nevertheless must be shown!

My cousin and once-roommate, J-red (that’s his future DJ name, not something as smooth as Scott Shepard), somehow accumulated this rare, one-of-a-kind sketch done by none other than Mike Judge. Let that sink in…MIKE JUDGE!

Apparently it’s a concept drawing, by Judge himself, of Butthead’s long lost cousin Headbutt.

That’s right….Headbutt!

Check it out!

But how did he acquire such an interesting piece of pop culture memorabilia???

A time-machine. That’s right. Built it right in his garage. Seriously. The dude is like MacGuyver and Mozart’s love-child. Minus the mullets…

Anyways, he went back in time and found himself in Mike Judge’s living room during a big party with MTV execs galore and God knows what going on in the bathroom. Apparently, a celebration was commencing. J-red, agile as a freakin’ ninja, snagged a sketch he saw laid out with a dozen others on the coffee table. Then, he squeezed his eyes really, really tight and…

*pop* he was back to the future.

If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself…my guess is he’ll be in the comments
with a witty retort…



~ by jt_bombtrak on May 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “True story…”

  1. …or, not.

  2. Bro,
    Off the Chron…

  3. P.s. I just may carve a mullet for the big reunion!

  4. 1: No.
    2: Big reunion? Have you been talking to Coledaddy again?

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