3 X Sticky

Some fairly random stuff today…


…a Rabbithole…



…a little satire…

Suicide Girls


..and Joe.


Original pic of Joe is here.



~ by jt_bombtrak on March 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “3 X Sticky”

  1. the first one reminds me of when i use to doodle. i would draw weird little pumpkin things with stuff in their heads. i.e., bombs, ghosts, peeking people, etc. good times.

  2. The last one looks like an evil Richie Cunningham from Happy Days. No wait… there’s some Ralph Malph in there, too… but definitely no Potsi.

  3. Heh…I doubt Joe would appreciate that comparison, but it’s my fault for drawing him that way.

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