New pic and opening for submissions!



Dug out this old one simply because I couldn’t find a single stickynote to draw on around the apartment tonight! This unnamed creature (thanks for taking Sand People, Mr. Lucas…and using it on people who aren’t even made of sand…sheesh) has shown up in a couple dreams of mine, as well as an old story idea I was working on at one time. Really need to finish that one, cuz this guy (and the others like him) had one helluva backstory.


BTW: I am opening up a page just for submissions by any and everyone. You got a scribble or two on a stickynote lying around? Better yet, got a blank one in reach right now that’s just itchin’ to be scrawled on? Scan it, or take a crappy pic of it, and send it to me. The official submissions address is:

I’ll post just about anything in our Guest Gallery, but funny creatures, game related items, and multi-paneled comics are shoe-ins. No skill necessary. Just see what you can do with a 3×3 canvas.



~ by jt_bombtrak on March 5, 2007.

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