A Sticky Welcome

What the heck is Stickynote Theatre, you ask? Simple…a place for my sketches, doodles, bad jokes, lame stories, and whatever the hell I want to live out full and happy lives on the Web. Currently, I plan to incorporate two types of posts on this page.

  1. Sketchpad – random doodles about whatever’s on my mind at the moment, which probably means video games, entertainment (tv/movies/music), or frankly, sex. What can I say, I’m a guy.
  2. Comics – single- or multi-panel comics with an actual point, idea, or joke behind them. Expect far fewer of these as it’s harder to be clever than non-artistic.

[EDIT] Not really anymore…it’s just drawings on stickynotes, either buy my guess or me.  Sometimes they might be in comic form, sometimes not.  You just never know around here. 

What’s all this have to do with stickynotes? Well, simple really. All of the artwork is done on sticky notes, or Post-its, or whatever they can be called without raining lawsuits down upon me. And why this particular, and small, canvas for these sketches? Because…they’re available, handy, and all over my desk.

Eventually, I would like to open up for submissions for a guest gallery of sorts, and may eventually open up registration for submitters to post their own creations on the main page. We’ll see…

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be an artist, just someone who tends to draw when (easily) bored. Perhaps this outlet will grant me greater drawing ability with time. Perhaps it will die in a week. Who knows…but I intend to find out one way or another.

And another thing…updates will happen on a “when I get around to it” basis. This isn’t Penny Arcade, CAD, or ExtraLife for cryin’ out loud.


~ by jt_bombtrak on February 27, 2007.

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