Stickynote Monster – Sly Devil

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Found this guy hiding in an old laptop bag the other day. Had to put him in his rightful place.


Guest Sticky – Lightning Made of Owls/David Birch

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Apparently, Lightning Made of Owls is a tri-weekly updated webcomic from a long list of contributors, each with his or her own style and level of artistic ability.  David Birch posted this one a few months back.

Monster Stickies 2008 – Albert Art (4 of 4)

•October 31, 2008 • 2 Comments

At last, our Halloween hero comes forth!  Another stunner from The Rez’s Albert.  I just love the color he uses and the detail he goes to on something as simple as a stickynote.

Monster Stickies 2008 – Albert Art (3 of 4)

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Another gamer-themed-Halloween-themed-Japanese-themed note from Albert Art.  Just turn around, Luigi!

Monster Stickies 2008 – Albert Art (2 of 4)

•October 31, 2008 • 2 Comments

This is Al’s take on the Monster, which curiously reminds me a lot of the vinyl toys he works on.  Check them out along with his other artwork at The Rez.

Monster Stickies 2008 – Albert Art (1 of 4)

•October 31, 2008 • 1 Comment

Check this out…Al recently returned from a trip to Tokyo for TGS 2008 with tons of pictures, video game swag, and these always Japanese stickynotes!  I love seeing unique post-its from hotels and vacation spots around the world.  Here, Al’s put the creepy in the Mario universe…I never noticed how disturbing those Shy-Guys really are!

Check out Al’s artwork and TGS photos over at his site The Rez.

Monster Stickies 2008 – Rev. Josh (2 of 2)

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Mr. Jason Voorhees makes a cameo this year thanks to Rev. Josh from Life Without Taffy.  I almost chose to be Jason this year, with my Mrs as a sexy Ms. Krueger so we could do the whole VS theme.  Couldn’t pull it all together though, so we’re going as “Cereal” Killers instead…mull that over a bit and you’ll get the idea.

Thanks, Josh…keep up the sick and twisted.

Josh W. - Mr. Voorhees

Josh W. - Mr. Voorhees